Benefits to Exporters/Sellers

  • Get direct offers from buyers from all over India.
  • Choose the best offer and in turn sell the licence at the best price.
  • save time , money and effort spent in locating the buyers for a particular licence.
  • Avoid the hassle of providing all licence details to each interested buyer individually and also save on needless to and fro communicatian for each small detail.
  • save commission / brokerage normally paid to the brokers / middlemen .
  • convert the licence into cash in quickest possible time at the best price.

Benefits to Importers/Buyers

  • locate the required licence from all licence registered in, through an extremely user friendy search.
  • Interact, negotiate and transact with sellers directly.
  • Get the licence at the best possible price from a choice of licence and sellers.
  • save time,effort and money in locating the sellers.
  • save communication time and efforts in obtaining licence details from each individual seller for a particular licence.
  • Get the Right licence required at the right time and at the right price.